Re:Design | Creative Directors 2022


Re:Design | Creative Directors

Re:Design | Creative Directors scheduled to take place in September has been cancelled.

The event landscape remains changed with the effects of the pandemic. As a small, passion project, we couldn't make it work. We're sorry, and all attendees have been notified and refunded. Adieu, Re:Design.

"Re:Design was superb. One of the most engaging events I have ever attended. The lack of tweets from all there says it all."

"I loved the interaction and the size. Perfect for getting to know people. I think I was able to meet 80-90% of everyone who attended."

"I wanted to thank you for having me at your amazing event... The quality of conversation surpassed that which I have experienced at all other conferences. The conference has left a lasting impression on me..."

"Congratulations on a stellar event... Everything about the event—the content, format, people—was everything we hoped for and more. The entire experience was perfection... I feel that what we have learned will help us for years to come... Consider us diehard fans."

"Re:Design... was legit really inspiring. Highly recommend their unique format."

"It's hard to explain how different and special this humble little design conference is -- especially given the incredible caliber of the speakers and attendees."