Mel Lim

Chief Metaverse Officer, Award-Winning Innovation Strategist & Designer, Board Advisor, Investor

Session: Sex, Diamonds, and Côte d'Azur

Mel’s 3 rules of thumb when designing brand experiences in the three-dimensional metaverse. Tony Stark may have figured it all out. Still, we non-superheroes, metaverse designers, and innovators have to enable our fellow creators, marketers, technologists, influencers, presenters, businesses, and users to traverse these virtual worlds. The human experience and engagement are now truly transcendingly immersive in this new meta-world. All sensories are being tickled, enhanced, and sometimes stimulated for the first time. How and when do we leverage the right XR technologies to do the titillating?


Mel Lim is a global multimedia technology storyteller and innovation strategy consultant. Her success record for growing and scaling companies has positioned her as one of the most sought-after consultants in the tech and software startup scene. Traditionally trained in architecture, this Malaysian-born Chinese immigrant and serial entrepreneur from humble beginnings began her career designing retail centers, casinos, stadiums, and hotels in Asia, Europe, and the US. Mel went on to found an innovation strategy and design agency that has garnered hundreds of industry accolades. Recognizing her knack for building businesses and products, Mel took her hybrid international background in design and strategy, and accelerated technology startups to multi-million dollar, revenue-generating enterprises, positioning them as global brands and most innovative tech companies in the world. Her current and past clients include well-known brands like Varonis, Semperis, Axure, LeEco, Tata, Intel, Comcast, London Jewelers, Zeeto, and Neato.

Mel founded and serves as CEO of Maspira Groupe, an innovation consultancy focusing on product development and growth strategies. In 2021, along with her two young sons, she cofounded Preston & Harrison, a family enterprise with a social cause that combines original art and design with the innovative tech worlds of NFTs, AR/VR/XR, and Metaverse. Mel completed a book entitled Turtle Design in a Rabbit Age. Published by CRC Press, her book offers a platform to help people achieve equanimity and find meaning in their work and lives through mindfulness, and companies to craft value by reframing their approach to impact creation and experience design. She lectures on innovation, metaverse/XR technologies, and women leadership at leading institutions like Stanford University, Microsoft, and KPMG. Always reaching for new opportunities to lead and learn, Mel now serves as an Advisory Board member for the Engineering Leadership Program at California State University at Chico and is currently on the Board of Directors at Shyne San Diego, a non-profit with a mission to lift survivors into economic independence. She has also served on advisory boards at the New School in NYC, the World Brand Congress, Upflex NYC and Maison Marcel. Mel was recently awarded the Top 50 Tech Visionaries Award by Intercon and was named among the 250 Most Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs by DataBird.