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Re:Design/UX 2015 (Archive)

San Francisco, CA

The theme for this 2015 was Renaissance: Modern day UX designers need to be well-versed across various disciplines and interests to bring the best results to their design projects. Experiences are no longer limited to the screen and are global in nature. What do we need to understand and experience ourselves in order to make better experiences? What do we do to stay fresh, to stay inspired, to feed our souls which in turn feeds our design work? How do the things we do outside the job roll back into our approach on the job? In 2015 we explored these questions (and more) together.

Our thought leader for the 2015 UX event was Erin Malone, Partner, Tangible UX LLC.

Speakers + Sessions Archive

2015 Re:Design/UX Symposiarch: Erin Malone, Partner, Tangible UX, LLC: Macquette, bozzetto or prototype

Gretchen Anderson, VP of Product, GreatSchools: Drawing Design: Where the Practice of Figure Drawing meets Design

David Bloxsom, Member-Manager, Villains IA & UX Design, LLC and Sister Edith Myflesh, the SF House of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: Optimizing for Joy

James Bull, Co-Founder & CCO, Moving Brands®: Is creativity about ‘likes’ or striving for brilliance?

Dr. Michelle Millis Chappel,President, Creativity Rock Star Consulting LLC: Creativity Best Practices for Designers From Psychology, Art and Zen

Dana Chisnell, Generalist Problem Solver, United States Digital Service: For the people, by the people, of the people

Bill DeRouchey, Design Director, GE Software, GE Software and Retroadolescent Drummer: Drumming Up a Fresh Obsession

Kaaren Hanson, Vice-President, Design & User Experience, Medallia: Creating Design-Driven Companies

Andrei Michael Herasimchuk, Designer in Residence, Sutter Hill Ventures: The Physicality of Future Interfaces

Abi Jones, Interaction Designer, Google: Hands-on with the Internet of Things

Billie Mandel, UX Design Director, Instructor, and Consultant: Full-Spectrum Feelings - The Art of Emotion

Peter Merholz, Sr. Director, Product Experience, Jawbone: Organization Design for Design Organizations

Chris Moeller, VP of Product & Design, aboutLife and co-Founder & Creative Director, Flying Mouse Brewery: Framing Rashomon

David Perls, Founder, shinebright: Beginner’s Mind and Creative Possibility

Steve Portigal, Principal, Portigal Consulting: Yes, My Iguana Loves to Cha-Cha: Improv, Creativity and Design

Aviva Rosenstein, User Experience Research Manager, DocuSign: Winning the Goat Rodeo

Bill W. Scott, VP, Payment Products, PayPal: Embracing the tension needed to bring great experiences to life

Aynne Valencia, Founder, Avalen LLC and Adjunct Faculty, San Francisco State UniversityMaking Something out of Something - Typefaces, History, Culture and Meaning

Kathy Wiley, Founder, Poco Dolce

Josh Damon Williams, Product Design Manager, Twitter and DJ: Two Shoes in a Dryer

Christina Wodtke, Wodtke Consulting | Boxes and Arrows | Adjacent Professor, CCA & Stanford Continuing Education: The Power of Stories