Cover Photo Re:Design UX 2014

Re:Design/UX 2014 (Archive)

Brooklyn, NY

A stellar group of UX minds joined symposiarch Christina Wodtke in 2014 for BETTER. How do we make products, processes, companies, and our experiences better? Our small-scale discussions will take on the challenge to make things better, while considering what better actually means -- is it cultural, contextual, absolute or something else entirely?

Speakers + Sessions Archive

2014 Re:Design/UX Symposiarch: Christina Wodke

Justin Bakse, Director of Digital and Sean Dougherty, Creative Director/Director, Brand New School: Pitching Experiences

Steve Berry, Principal, Thought Merchants: Good Enough Is Better

Abby Covert, Information Architect, Abby the IA: Making. Better. Meaning.

Christopher Fahey, VP of Product and User Experience, Big Spaceship: Design Prioritization: When Better Isn't Obvious

Jeff Gothelf, Principal, Neo Innovation: There Is No Such Thing As Mistakes - Surprising Insights From Jazz Improvisation

Bryan Hamilton, VP, User Experience, Razorfish: Better Companies

Vincent Higgins, Executive Director, UX, DDB California: Age Of The Alchemist: A D&D Approach to UX Design

Erin Hoffman, Lead Game Designer, GlassLab: Sophia - Designing for Learning through Emotion

Britt Hudson, Director of Content Productions, Wisdom & Craft, Inc.: Designing Better For-Profit Companies

Randy Hunt, Creative Director, Etsy: Data-Informed Design

Steve Johnson, VP, User Experience, LinkedIn: Conversation with Steve Johnson

Jim Kalbach, Principal UX Designer, Citrix Online: There Is No Such Thing As Mistakes: Surprising Insights From Jazz Improvisation

Julia Keren-Detar, Art Director and Game Designer, Untame: Smart Tutorials: Teaching by Design

Peter Koechley, Co-founder, Upworthy: Designing A Better World

Donna Lichaw, Principal, Greatnorthelectric: Take My Job

Charlene McBride, Sr. Experience Designer: Better Living Through Sensors and Devices

Sharon Morris, Principal Consultant, Nfinity Consulting of New York: Talking to Users: A Better Way to Demystify Technical Terms

Meredith Noble, Director of Interaction Design, Catalyst Group: How to Better Handle the Stress of UX Work

Chris Pallé, Founder, Wisdom & Craft, Inc.: Designing Better For-Profit Companies

Andre Plaut, UXDi Education Product Manager, General The Design of Learning

Anders Ramsay, How Understanding What Developers Do Can Make You A Better UX Designer

Ajay Revels, Design Researcher, Politemachines: Do Better: Designing for Transformation

Tim Riley, Director of Online Experience, Warby Parker: How to Better Understand Your Users

Luis Daniel Rodriguez, UX Designer, Queen and Clarendon, LLC: Smart World Stories Are The New Design Stories

Lou Rosenfeld, Founder, Rosenfeld Media: Designing a Better You

Nick Whitmoyer, Senior Consultant, Whitmoyer: Designing a Better Process for UX

Tyler Wilson, Senior Planner, DDB California: Age Of The Alchemist: A D&D Approach to UX Design