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Re:Design/UX 2012 (Archive)

San Francisco, CA

The first RE:DESIGN/UX Design conference took place at the Bently Reserve in San Francisco, California on April 30-May 1, 2012. The theme was “The Next Next: What’s Now, Next, and Beyond.” Curated by Chris Noessel from Cooper, the conference took the user experience lens and examined what comes beyond “next,” considering the longview and the impact on our work today.

Speakers + Sessions Archive

Symposiarch Chris Noessel and Stefan Klocek, Cooperb: Part 1: The Interface Parenthesis & Part 2: The Next Next

Dan Albritton, MegaPhone Labs: Your Phone is Your Controller [More info]

Simona Brusa Pasqué, Deep Dive Design: The Designer Co-Founder: A Freak of Nature or the Next Logical Mutation?

Yu Shan Chuang, Rosetta: Lean vs. Team

Nate Clinton, Cooper:Obfuscation by Design

Mark Coleran, Platfora: Artifacts and Assumptions

Andrew Crow, GE: Designing for Context

Nadya Direkova, Google: Game Mechanics: Designing for User Engagement

Marc Escobosa, Arena Solutions: The Design of Marketing (or Why Marketing Shouldn’t Be a Four Letter Word)

Ben Fullerton, Method: Big Data

Marisa Gallagher, CNN Digital, UX & Brand Strategy: Final Frontier or Foolish Folly

Jonathan Korman, Riverbed Technology: UX Design In The Organization: Integrating Design into an Organization

John Montgomery, uTest, Mobile Usability: Why Great UX Matters More Than Ever

Sarah Murgel, Razorfish: Changing the World- A Designer’s Role in Organizational (and World) Politics

John Nack, Adobe Systems: The Future of Creation

Scott Nazarian, frog: The city and the City: a long view on experience and interaction design in smart urban environments

Albert Poon, Odopod: Welcome to the Post-PC Era

Tim Richards, BLITZ: Grandmas who love Dragonforce: The intertwined digital tribes of pop-culture democratization

Charlene Zvolanek, AKQA: A Digital Life: Remembering, Reminiscing and Reflecting

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Photos by Roger Wong