Cover Photo Re:Design Inspire 2012

Re:Design/Inspire 2012 (Archive)

Chicago, IL

Stop. Look. Listen.

We’re driven by deadlines, controlled by clients, and tied to our desks. How do we stay sane and, most of all, inspired when we’re so hurried? What can replenish our creative reservoirs? Re:Design/Inspire 2012's mission: time to get re-inspired. For these talks, attendees sat with creatives that have accomplished the ultimate trifecta — imagine, execute, and inspire.

Speakers + Sessions Archive

2012 Re:Design/Inspire Keynote: Dana Arnett, CEO, VSA Partners, Inc.

Lawrence Azerrad, Creative Director, LAD Design: The Wilco Loft Exploration

John Bielenberg, Co-Founder, FUTURE: When Wrong Is Right

Jennifer Chong, Designer and Photographer, J.Chong Studio: My Antidote to Inspiration Overload

Shannon Downey, Founder, Pivotal Production: An Unlikely Muse: How a little absurdity can go a long way

Renata Graw, Principal/Co-founder, Plural: Thinking About Thinking

Dawn Hancock, Managing Director + Founder, Firebelly Design: The Journey From Junk Mail To Inspiration

Colleen Hill, Art Director, MRM: Beyond The Studio: The Importance of Community

Jason Katz, Story Supervisor, Pixar Animation Studios: Story

Wally Krantz, Executive Creative Director, The Brand Union: In The Eye Of The Beholder: Inspiration from the Ubiquitous

Mike McQuade, Illustrator/Designer: Trading Inspiration For Investigation

Brian Singer, Creative Director, 1000 Journals: Engage Through Inspiration

John Stevenson, Filmmaker: If it isn’t fun, why are you still doing it?

Joe Stewart, Global Creative Director, Huge: Starting From Scratch: Finding Inspiration in a Brand New Medium

Michael Surtees, Principal and Creative Director, Gesture Theory: Turning Serendipity Into Predictable Patterns of Inspiration

David Usui, Director/Co-Founder and Ben Wu, Director/Co-Founder, Lost & Found Films: Taking Time: The value of slowing down in professional and personal work

Martin Venezky, Founder and Mastermind, Appetite Engineers: It’s All About The Next Step