Re:Design/Creative Directors 2015 (Archive)

New York, NY

Under the guidance of symposiarch Cameron Campbell, the theme for 2015 was Golden Age or Mid-life Crisis: Creating context in a world that is focused on the small screen.

Speakers + Sessions Archive

Cameron Campbell, Director of Strategy, Digital Kitchen 2015 Symposiarch

Jeanette Abbink, Founder and Creative Director, Rational Beauty: Slow Design

Rinat Aruh and Johan Liden, Co-Founders & Principals, aruliden: The Value of Producting™

Lawrence Azerrad, LADdesign: Camera Obscura: Using an Old Lens to See Anew

Jason Baer, Principal, SYPartners: Today’s Best Leaders are Designers

Layne Braunstein + Josh Horowitz, Co-founders, Fake Love: Designing Emotions – The Game

Ian Burns Group Creative Director, Huge: Design’s Awkward Teenage Phase

Geoff Cook, Partner, and Min Lew, Creative Director & Partner, Base Design: Brand Personality in the Technological World

Siobhan Harris, Creative Director, W.P. Carey Inc. and Partner, Monozorro Designs

David Heasty, Co-founder and Stefanie Weigler, Creative Director, Triboro: Back to the Future

Fernando Music, Managing Director, Partners & Spade: That’s so 2015: Why Big Ideas, Content and Authenticity Prevail

Mary Nittolo, President and CCO, the STUDIO The Oracle of Design

Evan Ratliff, CEO and Co-founder, Atavist: The Life and Death of Digital Magazines

Neil Sadler, Global Creative Director, Johnson & Johnson: People First

David Schwarz, Partner, HUSH: The Small and The Big

Jacob Silverman, Author and Freelance Journalist: The Walls Come Down

Christopher Simmons, Principal/Creative Director, MINE™ This Is Progress

James Trump, Creative Director, Moving Brands: Should the next US President be a Designer?

Marieke van der Poel, Chief Executive Trend Forecaster and Founder, Proef: Trend Mixer

Laetitia Wolff design consultant/cultural engineer: Designing for Communities

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