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Re:Design/Creative Directors 2014 (Archive)

Palm Springs, CA

The theme for 2014 was Adaptation: How we change (and what we change) has ever greater importance and ever greater meaning. Whether translating ideas from one medium to another, morphing old infrastructures into new platforms, or reinventing entire careers, adaptation is the choice between what becomes the future and what remains the past.

Re:Design/Creative Directors 2014 was curated by Symposiarch Christopher Simmons, Principal/Creative Director, MINE™ and featured a keynote conversation with Su Mathews Hale, Senior Partner, Lippincott.

Speakers + Sessions Archive

Christopher Simmons, Principal/Creative Director, MINE™ - 2014 Re:Design Symposiarch The Message Is Medium Rare

Keynote: Su Mathews Hale, Senior Partner, Lippincott

Sean Adams, Partner, AdamsMorioka: Changing Lanes

Lawrence Azerrad, LADdesign: Design + Music

Stefan G. Bucher, Designer/Illustrator/Writer, 344 Design: Love in the Time of Thunderdome

Ti Chang, Founder and Design Principal, CRAVE: We've Come A Long Way

Nick Cronan, Co-founder and Creative Director, Branch: You Gotta Pay to Play

Marc English, Marc English Design: Papa Was A Rolling Stone (or, You Can't Always Get What You Want) - The Career I Never Wanted

Mike Simonian and Maaiki Evers, Founders, Mike & Maaike: Turning The Future Into The Past

April Greiman, Designer, made in space: There's a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in.

Stanley Hainsworth, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Tether: Ten Years Of Instant Change

Josh Higgins, Communication Design Manager, Facebook: Words As Flint

Jay Jurisich, Founder/Creative Director, Zinzin: Bacteria, Brands and Ballyhoo

Everett Katigback, Brand Manager, Pinterest: Seeing With Sound

Jimmy LaValle, The Album Leaf: Design + Music

Pum Lefebure, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, Design Army: Design Your Life So You Can Kick Ass 365

Jonah Lehrer, On Failure

Heidi Reinfeld, Partner & VP, Sequence LLC: Embracing and Empowering Both Introverts and Extroverts

Bonnie Siegler, Founder/Creative Director, Eight and a Half: Some Things Never Change

George Slavik, Design Director, Embarcadero Partners: Adapting To The Job

Lisa Kay Solomon, Educator/Author/Innovation Strategist: Designing Moments of Impact: Strategy as Experienced

Alissa Walker, Urbanism Editor, Gizmodo: Sidewalk Critic: Exploration, Observation, and Mid-Century Modern Architecture

Cinthia Wen, Principal, NOON: Opposite George

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