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Re:Design/Creative Directors 2012 (Archive)

Portland, OR

The second RE:DESIGN/Creative Directors conference took place at Kennedy School in Portland, Oregon on October 29–30, 2012. Curated by Eric Heiman from Volume Inc., the theme was “Back to School: The (Re)Education of the Creative Director.” Digital technology, social networking, social change. The landscape of design and advertising is evolving constantly and irrevocably. What’s new? What’s the same? What must we let go of? What do we need to (re)learn? Your (re)education begins here.

Speakers + Sessions Archive

Keynote Conversation with Maria Giudice, CEO & Founder, Hot Studio Inc.

2012 Symposiarch: Eric Heiman, Volume Inc.

James Bull, Principle, Executive Creative Director, Moving Brands: Creativity for a Moving World

Hamish Chandra, General Manager, Hattery Labs: The Return of Beauty

Tom Crabtree, Creative Director/Principal, Manual: Timelessness in the age of #trending

Lindsay Daniels, Principal, Room207: We Are Storytellers

Dora Drimalas, Creative Director + Owner, Hybrid Design: Confessions of a control freak - How I learned to stop worrying and love the question

Michelle Dougherty, Director, Creative Director, and Designer, Imaginary Forces: Move Me

Yang Kim, Creative Director, Peopledesign: Fuzzy Magic

Mary Kysar, Owner, Makelike Design

Michael Lemme, Executive Creative Director, Duncan/Channon: What Happens When Everything Is Connected To Everything

Bobby C. Martin Jr., Founding Partner, OCD | The Original Champions of Design: When I’m Happy, The Client’s Happy

Kate McCagg, Creative Director, Razorfish: What John Hughes films can teach us about the creative director/developer relationship

Tyler Moore and Peter Marakatos, Owners & Executive Creative Directors, MM: The Evolution of UX and Branding

Joan Raspo, Director of On-Air Creative and Branding VH1/MTVN, Viacom: The Shout Heard Round The World

Joe Stitzlein, Global Creative Director, Brand Design, Nike: Change your career, then change it again

Bernard Uy, Co-Founder, Creative Director, Wall-to-Wall: I Laughed, I Cried, I Remembered: How Humor, Emotion and Wit make for Memorable Branding